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using Emotionally Focused Therapy

The Intensive is a great format to do a lot of work on our most significant relationship in a short amount of time. I developed this program as more of my clients were requesting longer sessions. I offer half-day, one, two or three-day Intensives scheduled overtime.

Please note, I tend to be booked a month out for Intensives. If your relationship cannot wait a month to access support, please contact me and I will send you a referral list.

For a more detailed breakdown on EFT:

Which couples should consider doing an Intensive?

  • If you are in a crisis and both of you want to find a way through.
  • If you are stuck in negative communication and can’t seem to stop.
  • If you feel like roommates and don’t know how to be close again.
  • If you can’t make weekly counselling work due to demanding schedules.
  • If you are current clients and ongoing weekly sessions are hard to schedule.

Intensives are not for every couple. Please read below to determine if you are a candidate for an Intensive:

  • One or both partners have an active addiction.
  • There is an ongoing affair happening.
  • If you do not have the same goal for therapy, this is not a suitable programme for you: e.g. if one partner wants to work on the marriage and the other has no desire to find a way through – an Intensive is not the place to decide if you are going to stay.
  • If being together in the same room is too triggering, or maybe you haven’t been able to be in the same space without being civil for some time – this format will not be productive.
  • If there is active intimate partner violence. Please visit nationaldahelpline.org.uk for information and support.

If you are unsure if you’re a good fit for the Intensive after reading these bullet points, please call or email me. I am happy to help assess if this is a good time to engage in this counselling format. If not, I would be pleased to help you find appropriate resources.

I think we are good candidates. What is our next step?

Please schedule a consult call. The 30-minute video call is held via Zoom. Both partners are required to be on the call together, in the same location. We will determine if the Intensive is the best format for you during this meeting. There is no cost for the consult.

What happens after the Intensive?

Intensives are a bit like a bubble. It is vital to apply what you learned once you go back to regular life. An Intensive alone is not a magic bullet; there are no guarantees. But, if you are willing and able to commit, it is well worth the investment.

What do I do next?

Contact me to set up a consult call. Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

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