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Huge thanks from me, thanks for helping us discover tools that help us communicate and understand each other and for making the journey achievable.

Thank you for the care and support. I now agree that we can heal through relationships and I am still learning. Thank you for sharing yourself with us during our journey.

I just wanted to thank you very deeply for the support you gave us and our marriage, you held the space so wonderfully and enabled me to move on from the past and forward into a much brighter future.

Thank you for all your help and supporting us both in the last few months. We have come such a long way and you have played such an important part in the journey.

Thank you Sally. You’re professionalism and warmth was second to none.

I would like to thank you for all the good work we have done together. We were in a desperate state when we first came to see you and now we are both in a much better position to take our lives forward. Your friendly approach combined with great integrity and professionalism has meant I have enjoyed working with you despite the difficult circumstances.

Thanks so much for our sessions, pennies have dropped. You are a couples counselling hero!

We were in a really tough spot when we came to see you. It hasn’t been easy, but we felt your support and care from the start. We have been able to talk to one another in a different way and now we feel closer. Thank you for being there with us.

We were on the brink of breaking-up when we came to see you. Although I was unsure about starting counselling, I was willing to try it to see if there was hope. Your kindness and caring were evident immediately. You listened to my concerns, and your positive approach helped us to keep trying. Although we still have a way to go, we are now committed to continuing to work on our relationship. We know you are there to support us.

I found myself constantly going out to escape my relationship. I was ready to end our marriage. I was so unhappy. If we hadn’t gone to counselling with you, we would be living separate lives. I don’t think about divorce anymore. I’m wearing my wedding ring again. I’m so glad my husband didn’t give up on us and that we worked with you.

We communicate so much better. It’s constant work, but we are talking more, and I truly feel we understand each other significantly better than we used to. We both seem to understand what the other values, their triggers, their needs.

Through our time with you, we now have more and better communication, empathy, forgiveness for each other, shorter hangovers from arguments. I now am able to recognise my part in our problems and understanding the scope of my actions to have a positive impact. I am more self-aware and feel less helpless. 

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