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Finding Yourself in Relationship


When we first fall in love with that special someone, we want to spend all our time together. We feel better when we are with our significant other.

This is the infatuation stage, and admittedly, it feels terrific. But enduring relationships move past this stage and into a place of mutual respect and care. This will require each partner to give the other space.

Why Individuality and Independence are Important in Relationships

First, what does it mean to be an independent individual? It means you know how to be your own person, whether single or in a relationship. It means while you make an effort to make your partner happy, you also ensure that you continue to do the things you enjoy that bring you happiness.

The following are just some of the reasons why there should always be independence in a relationship:

Move Away From Clingy

When you lack independence and don’t have a solid sense of yourself, you can come across as “clingy” or needy. If you want to be around your partner 24/7 and they want space, your neediness can drain their energy.

Mutual Growth

When the two of you stay independent, you allow each other to grow as individuals, leading to growth as a couple.

Mutual Support

Independent people connect with their inner strength; strong people can be counted on when it matters most. When you are both strong individuals, you can lend support when the other needs it.

Need Help Getting Your Independent Spirit Back?

Most of us demanded our independence in our teens and early 20s. But life happens, and we often lose that independent spirit and sometimes our identities. Please get in touch with me if you need help reconnecting with yourself within your relationship. I am seeing my clients face-to-face from my office in Hove and online globally.

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