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Staying Healthy While Working from Home


For many, working from home is a routine. But for others, working from home is an entirely new phenomenon brought about by the global pandemic.

Working from home has completely changed many individuals’ day-to-day lives, and mental and physical health can take a toll as a result.

With lockdowns and social distancing still happening in many areas, below are suggestions to keep you healthy during this ongoing stressful time.

Keep Your Routine

We have all heard the stories of people admitting that they are not showering as often during this time, staying in their pyjamas all day. While this may have been novel at the beginning of the pandemic, allowing this to continue can impact your mental and physical health.

It is essential to keep a daily routine, setting the alarm, showering, dressing, transitioning from relaxation to your daily activity.

Get Exercise

You may not even realise how much more you used to physically move at your office or workplace — getting to work more likely than not involved more walking than staying at home, even with a transport commute.

The office kitchen and bathroom were probably farther away, and you took breaks to chat with coworkers. It would help if you scheduled to get up from time to time, making a conscious effort to move around at home.

Stock Up on Healthy Food

It is far too easy to put on weight when working from home unless you remove junk and instead stock up on healthy food and snacks.

Make life easier for yourself; take the temptation away.

Stay Connected

Not everyone finds working from home beneficial as it can be isolating. If you are used to being around people and feel a lack of social connection, check in with friends and coworkers throughout the day.

None of us knows when life will return to absolute normal. If you are forced to work from home at this time, be sure to follow the tips to stay healthy.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to reach out for some support at this challenging time. I’m supporting my clients online and from my office in Hove.

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