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Are You A New Dad?


Fatherhood is more than providing food and shelter. Fatherhood is the presence of strength, wisdom and love in your child’s life. Many dads struggle to be involved with their child’s life for many reasons. Outdated ideas of specific parenting gender roles can conflict with the natural desire to bond for many men.

The idea of family is changing. More fathers are becoming the stay at home parent in straight relationships. Traditional expectations of motherhood and fatherhood are also evolving. It is becoming clearer that mothers are not the only ones able to nurture. Fathers also develop a bond early on with their children, a fact proven by same-sex parenting.

The benefits a child receives by having a present father is far-reaching. Research shows us that children with active and engaged fathers grow up to have healthier relationships and generally better self-confidence.

Culturally, we need to expand our ideas of what dads should and can do in their parenting role. Even in the earliest weeks, children can differentiate between their mum and their dad’s voices. Your little one will learn to trust you as they hear your voice more and more. Therefore, more time spent with them will develop a deep bond.

Try to participate in your child’s daily routines as much as possible such as bath time, storytime, meal prep and getting dressed. It is these types of intimate but straightforward moments that will help you develop a closer bond with your children longterm.

Take time to listen to their favourite music, play a favourite game or watch their favourite shows together. Time together where they feel your presence is essential for deepening your bond.

Engaging yourself in your child’s life, even with the mundane tasks will benefit both of you, and leave your son or daughter with a loving, lifelong impression.

If you are struggling to bond with your children and would like some help and guidance, please contact me today and let’s set up an appointment. I offer zoom appointments, and I’m seeing my clients in my office in Hove.

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