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Feeling Overwhelmed by Dating


Online dating is now used by many of us looking for relationship connections. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the process.

There is great diversity in what individuals are looking for who are using online dating services. It can be essential to be clear about the type of relationship commitment or casualness you would like to experience. On-line dating platforms are more aware of security issues and offer validation processes to avoid fake profiling. There are now often inbuilt banning procedures to censor those who post false images or demonstrate stalker tendencies.

One of the main challenges around online dating is that individuals can access overwhelming choice creating much distraction.

How to navigate online dating overwhelm.

Limit the number of dates that you agree to every week to one or two.

Using an online dating platform you could potentially have a new date every night of the week. Such a busy dating schedule can become exhausting and expensive. It is a good idea to have a break between dates, giving yourself reflection time and help you better appreciate those who you have met in person.

Try to use one dating platform at a time.

Dating apps can be time-consuming. You have to set up a profile, and then you can browse thousands of potential dates. If you’re going to invest any significant energy in online dating, stick to one app. Having multiple online dating profiles running at the same time will consume most of your waking hours, in either active tech use or psychological angst. One app at a time is reasonable. Also, you won’t burn through all your data in three days this way.

Use the dating app for limited time periods.

Overusing your smartphone is hard on your hands, eyes, and brain. Smartphone use can become addictive—stimulating the same pleasure regions in the brain. Minimise the time online dating by checking and using it only at set times during the day. To fall asleep easier, turn off all back-lit screens an hour before bed.

Look offline if you get overwhelmed by online dating.

As with any technology designed to make your life easier and save time, use dating apps consciously, and notice what they’re doing to your emotional state. If you’re spending far too much time on a dating app and it’s impacting the rest of your life negatively, take time away. Turn off your phone and join a meetup group, try speed dating instead, or ask your friends to set you up a blind date.

If you want to explore issues around dating, please contact me.

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