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I have been betrayed, should I stay or go?


Betrayal brings unbearable pain, but research shows a relationship can heal. Affairs can teach us a lot about our relationships and who we are. They offer a unique peek into our experiences, coping mechanisms and belief systems.

An affair does not need to mean a sexual extramarital relationship. Infidelity can come in many guises. One common theme is secrecy. It can involve:

Physical/sexual; when one partner has sex outside the relationship.

Virtual; when trust violation is committed through chats and sexting.

Emotional; when one partner becomes emotionally attached to someone else. Physical intimacy is not always part of the emotional affair.

Outside interest; when one partner neglects the relationship to pursue an outside interest. That can include obsessive hobbies or an addiction that takes a partner away from the relationship.

Should I stay or go?

Of course, this is a profoundly personal decision-making process. One option is to work with your partner to process and heal from this experience. Healing from infidelity can be a challenging experience for anyone, but it can also deepen your bond and ulitmately strengthen your relationship.

If you would like to have support through this time, do not hesitate to contact me. I am seeing my clients in person from my office in Hove and globally online.

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