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How To Know You Are Dealing With A Narcissist


Often we think we know what narcissism looks like. After all, aren’t most politicians and Hollywood A-listers narcissists projecting their massive egos onto the world?

While that may be true, narcissists come in all shapes and sizes. They walk among us, some of them obvious, and some of them covert. 

So how can you tell if you’re dealing with an actual narcissist or just someone a bit full of themself?

A Grandiose Sense of Self-Importance

Narcissists see themselves as essential to other people’s success and happiness. In their eyes, they believe they are capable of exceptionally high levels of achievement, whether they are or aren’t in reality.

They are Special or Unique

Narcissists believe they are so special and unique that few people can understand them. As a result, many will only want to spend time around high-status people.

A Need for Admiration

We all can admit it feels good to be appreciated and admired. But narcissists have an absolute need for admiration and a lot of it.

A Sense of Entitlement

Narcissists genuinely believe they are the exception to the rule. If there is a line of people waiting to be seated, a narcissist will cut that line because why should they, of all people, be forced to wait? If you’ve spent any amount of time around an actual narcissist, their entitlement can be shocking as it seems to know no bounds.

A Lack of Empathy

Narcissists cannot imagine how others feel. They are wired differently from non-narcissistic people. When you can’t empathise or feel what someone else is, it makes it incredibly easy to abuse those around you.

These are just some of the main traits of a narcissist. Spending time in their presence can be a very toxic and taxing experience.

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