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What is a Couples Counselling Intensive?


Over the years, more of my clients started to ask for longer, more frequent sessions. So, I developed a one to three-day-long program to meet the need for more intensive ways of working. The Couples Counselling Intensive was born.

Maybe you feel stuck in a repeated pattern of missing each other: you want to separate from your relationship, but not each other. You can’t make weekly counselling work due to demanding schedules. One to three days of support might be just the thing to save your marriage.

After seeing hundreds of couples over the last 15 years, I know first-hand the difficult place relationships can find themselves in and how hopeless it can feel.

Often healing a long-term relationship requires more than the typical 50-minute session every week. So, I have designed the Couples Intensive to be a transformative experience for your relationship.

The Couples Intensive happens over one to three days and has been shown to calm conflictual interactions, build healthy communication patterns, and jump-start relational connection and change.

On day one, we have three hours of assessment in the morning. The first hour you are together, we look at your relationship history and the goals that you both hold for the Intensive.

The following two hours are individual sessions. In the individual sessions, I will ask you to share what you feel is crucial for me to know about your personal history and what it’s like to be in the relationship, just from your perspective.

Then we break for lunch. After the break, we have a two-hour session in which we start to unpack your negative interactive pattern and how you both cope.

If you continue with a second day, we begin with a two-hour session in the morning, a break for lunch and then a two-hour session in the afternoon; the exact schedule will repeat for the third day.

At the end of the third day, we’ll review what we did and talk about the next steps. There is flexibility in organising the timing of the sessions; I am available to you both for the day.

Please note, Intensives are not for every couple. Please click here to see the related link and to determine if you are a candidate for an Intensive.

Together we can help heal and transform your relationship. Please email me to schedule your complimentary Couples Counselling Intensive 30-minute consult. I am seeing my clients from my office in Hove or globally online.

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