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Effective Treatments for Various Addictions


People of all ages, backgrounds and groups can become addicted to a variety of substances and experiences. From drugs to alcohol to porn to gambling, addiction is a real problem for many.

Everyone’s story is unique, so too should be the treatment programmes available to those wanting to start recovery. Below are some of the most common and effective addiction treatments.


Many of those addicted to substances are advised to begin their treatment programme with a medically assisted detox that allows the body to rid itself of the addictive substances. In addition, detox programmes can help diminish the withdrawal symptoms that often cause an addict to abuse again.

Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT

CBT is a very effective tool that treats various addictions, from alcohol to drugs to food addiction and more. CBT helps a person identify their unhealthy behaviour patterns and their triggers. They can then learn new coping skills.


When combined with other therapies, medication can play an integral role in an addicts recovery. For example, certain medications can help reduce cravings, improve mood and decrease addictive behaviours.

12 Step Facilitation

A 12 step programme has been shown over decades now to be wildly successful in helping addicts stay sober. Weekly meetings are typically hosted by varying 12 step fellowships such as alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous.

If someone you love is struggling with addiction, please reach out to me. I would be happy to discuss how I work and support you and your relationship while your partner is in recovery. I am seeing my clients globally online or in person in Hove.

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