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How to Help Someone Who is Grieving


We can often fail to reach out to a loved one in grief out of shyness or uncertainty. Often, we worry that we don’t have the words or know what we can do to help.

It is often easier to offer a virtual hug or send a text instead of picking up the phone or talking face to face. Of course, the most challenging things are often the most helpful to the person who is grieving.


When someone is grieving, they tend to hear cliches such as their loved ones are in a better place, but they are not suffering. Instead of a cliche, offer an ear. Ask them about their loved ones using their name and encourage them to talk if they would like to.

Share memories

If you knew the deceased personally, sharing a lovely memory that perhaps their loved one was unaware of can bring great comfort.

Concrete offers of help

Instead of saying how can I help, offer specific support such as bringing a meal on a particular day or helping with childcare or housework.

Check-in with them

It can be challenging to remember to follow up with our own busy lives, but it can make a huge difference.

If you or a loved one could use support through the grieving process, please contact me today. I would be pleased to chat about how I can offer support. I see my clients online and in my office in Hove.

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